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Since our humble beginnings as a physical therapy clinic that opened its doors in the Summer of 1999, RehabAuthority has grown to a:

  • 17 clinic network,
  • Spanning 9+ cities across 3 states,
  • Treating over 70,000 Patients per year,
  • In nearly a million total therapy sessions!

Rehab’s recipe for success has always been the same:

  1. Always, always, always put our Patients’ needs first.
  2. Respect and honor the recommendations of our referring Doctors, while also incorporating our time-tested rehab practices.
  3. Grow the company at a steady, controlled pace so as to maintain the medical industry’s highest standards of rehab quality.Below are words from those familiar with the RehabAuthority experience:

“I’d been to tons of different medical folks, each trying different things to fix my back.  It was a nightmare that wore on for 5 years and thousands of dollars in bills.  Then I found RehabAuthority.  They claimed to be back and neck specialists, and ya know what, they truly are!  They accomplished more in my 11 visits than what others could to do in 5 years.”

– Jim, RehabAuthority Patient
“When my Doc referred me to physical therapy for my whiplash, I cringed.  The last thing I wanted to do was show up to some glorified gym to do a bunch of lame exercises.  Rehab was a pleasant surprise.  They actually made the sessions enjoyable, and the clinic was warm and inviting from the time I pulled up, to the time I completed my last session.  Thanks guys… my neck is back to normal!”
– Holly, RehabAuthority Patient
“I’ve gotten burned in the past referring my Patients to therapists who either don’t spend enough time with ’em, or, don’t actually improve their back or neck issue.  In fact, there’s been times the PT made it worse.  After one too many complaints from my Patients, I started referring to RehabAuthority.  So far, not a single complaint from any Patients.  Thank you Rehab for being an extension of my Patient care, and giving me one less thing to worry about.”
– Dr. Richard Manos, Orthopedic Spine Surgeon
I joined Rehab because simply put, they choose quality over quantity.  Instead of 30 minutes max with each Patient, at Rehab I typically spend an hour with my Patients.  That amount of time allows me to really get to know them, their goals, fears, challenges, and where physical therapy fits into all the other things going on in their lives.
– Eldon Johnson, PT, MPT, Cert. MDT
RehabAuthority Physical Therapist
“It’s remarkable to see how we’ve gone from one clinic in Nampa, ID, to 15 clinics servicing tens of thousands of Patients across 2 states.  As I talk with other Physical Therapy brands, I realize how important it’s been that we kept our focus on customer service, and, attention to finding and keeping the industry’s best Therapists – Therapists who are at the top of their field in knowledge and technique.”  
– Galen Danielson, PT, DPT, Cert. MDT
RehabAuthority Chief Operating Officer

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