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RehabAuthority believes that mentorship is a critical component of success for all professionals, particularly new professionals. Each new professional at RA will be directly mentored, clinically, by a supervising physical therapist. And, RA’s physical therapist leadership structure provides opportunities for additional mentorship from Rehab Directors, Regional Directors, President of Practice, Education and Research and our Chief Operations Officer.

Continuing Education?

RehabAuthority pays for all expenses associated with mandated spine related continuing education (typically a minimum of two courses per year). Also, we treat a wide variety of orthopedic non-spine diagnoses and therefore offer an additional $500 for elective continuing education per year.

Growth and Leadership?

RehabAuthority is a physical therapist-owned and managed company. Every position at RehabAuthority is available to any professional demonstrating a desire or aptitude for leadership.


RehabAuthority offers the opportunity to become an owner in the largest private physical therapy practice in Treasure Vally and to be a part of our nationwide growth vision. Click here for more on ownership opportunities.

RehabAuthority’s Core Documents

At RehabAuthority we are lead by the following principles. If you feel these principles match your desires and work ethic then RehabAuthority will be a great fit for you!

Our Purpose

RehabAuthority makes a significant difference in people’s lives!

Mission Statement

To solve back and neck problems!

Core Values

  • We Have Fun
  • We Help People
  • We Feel Good About What We Do
  • We Embrace Learning
  • We Value Our Profession
  • We Are Pleased But Never Satisfied

Vision Statement

RehabAuthority will be fun, provide an incredible experience, and, will be sought after.

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