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In the past few years the role of MRI’s for the evaluation, diagnosis and subsequent treatment of back pain has been called into question (Modic, Obuchowski et al. 2005). For the past 20 years many medical practitioners have utilized the MRI as the primary diagnostic tool to determine the source of back pain. The logic was very simple, order the MRI, look for apparent abnormalities and obviously that must be the source of the patient’s pain. However, the scientific research has shown that is absolutely not true. — Read More

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Sit back and relax as Dr. of Physical Therapy, Mr. Galen Danielson, takes time out to educate you on common aches, pains, and other ailments you or someone you know may be experiencing right now. Dr. Danielson shares his expertise in a down-to-earth, plain-English style. He sets your mind at ease,... — Read More

Knee Pain  
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Very few people go through life without experiencing knee pain at some time. Common symptoms or complaints of individuals suffering with knee pain include pain going up or down stairs, buckling or “giving way” of the knee, pain with prolonged sitting, clicking/popping sounds coming from the knee... — Read More

Back, Muscle, & Nerve Pain  
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Are you waking up in the morning with stiffness or pain in your lower back? Is that ongoing back pain starting to spread into one, or both, of your legs? — Read More

Ankle Pain  
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Ankle injuries are extremely prevalent with our active lifestyles. Whether it be a ligament, tendon, or bone injury, any of these can cause significant pain and limitation in day-to-day activities. — Read More

Neck Pain  
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It is estimated that up to 70% of the population will have significant neck pain at some point in their lives. The neck is often the source of pain in the shoulder blades, pain or numbness/tingling down one or both arms, and is also to blame for many headaches. — Read More

Shoulder Pain  
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Are you having pain or difficulty reaching overhead or behind your back, putting on or taking off your shirt, throwing a ball, or raising your arm out to the side? Are you having trouble sleeping, due to significant pain or aching in the shoulder or upper arm? If so, it is likely that your shoulder ... — Read More

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