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Back in the Swing Golf Program  
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A correct golf swing requires flexibility in the spine, shoulders and hips as well as strength in the trunk and low back. The RehabAuthority Back in the Swing Golf Program is designed to improve your game by strengthening and stretching specific mechanical problems many people have. — Read More

Back to Life  
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Back and neck pain is a serious problem for the vast majority of Americans. In fact, a severe back injury can keep you from performing even the simplest everyday tasks. Fortunately, the RehabAuthority, “Back to Life” program offers a highly effective solution. — Read More

Back in the Driver's Seat  
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Being involved in a car accident is traumatic. Fortunately, RehabAuthority’s Back in the Driver’s Seat Program brings you proven effective solutions that will help you get back to 100%. — Read More

Back to Work (Work Comp)  
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Back injuries are by far the #1 problem in the workplace. They affect employees of all ages and in every job capacity from heavy industry to retail. RehabAuthority’s experienced team of specialists will take your health history and measure your strength, range of motion, and endurance using state... — Read More

Moms on the Move  
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Everyday activities become more difficult with pregnancy. If there is pain associated with movement women may become less active which aggravates the problem. — Read More

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